Insulin Resistance Treatment

Insulin is the hormone “key” that unlocks your body’s tissues, enabling them to utilize as fuel the glucose¬† or sugar that is in your blood from digestion of the foods you eat. This ability to remove sugar from the blood and convert it to fuel is vital to a healthy body. Your muscles need sugar to function, and so does your brain.

Insulin resistance is a condition where the cells of the body become resistant to the effects of insulin, that is – the normal response to the given the amount of insulin is reduced. As a result, higher levels of insulin are needed in order for insulin to have its effects. The resistance is seen with the bodies own insulin and if insulin is given through injection.

When insulin resistance syndrome is present many times high blood pressure and high levels of triglycerides are usually present as well. The very nature of syndrome X implies that that not all conditions are present but typically many are including these.

Insulin resistance is the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome, a complex of symptoms that often leads to weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. The very best way to overcome this common impediment to good health is lose weight. Almonds, however, also help you overcome it.

Insulin resistance also known as syndrome X, metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome X is commonly overlooked by health care professionals. With the proven model of eat less and exercise more it is easy for health care professionals to overlook the possibility that your weight problem may be related to insulin resistance.


1-a genetic predisposition (insulin resistance and the conditions it causes – type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and PCOS – tend to run in families.)

2-a less than favourable lifestyle, with loads of starchy food and not enough exercise.

There are many people who hear the words Insulin Resistance and think diabetes. While the two are related, they are definitely not the same. Although Insulin Resistance is not diabetes, it is a condition that can lead to diabetes.

Insulin is the hormone in charge of allowing blood sugar to be absorbed by the body cells, where it is transformed into energy. If you are insulin resistant, your cells react very slowly to insulin.

However, once your body move towards the pre-diabetes type II stage and beyond you may require medical treatment for the rest of your life. Insulin resistance, and type II diabetes in particular, is often referred to as a lifestyle medical condition related to obesity and a lack of exercise.


1-Brain fogginess and inability to focus
2-Elevated triglycerides. Optimum range: 70-110 mg/dL. 40 to 60% of total cholesterol. Can only be determined with a fasting sample. Triglycerides are a component of fat stored in the tissue.
3-Triglycerides are increased with dysinsulinism (Syndrome-X/Metabolic Syndrome), alcoholism (GGT/GGTP also generally increased), diabetes and primary or secondary thyroid hypofunction.
4-Excess fat around your midsection or scapula area
6-Intestinal bloating

The best thing about this is that in addition to improving cardio fitness and lung power, it only needs to be done for about 20 minutes. In this ridiculously busy time, a short and effective program for general exercise is like a golden key.

The exercises that are a part of effective insulin resistance treatment are more forgiving that the foods you eat. The key is to just be consistent in whatever you do. 30 minutes of some activity, that raises your pulse rate, 4 times a week is a good start. Heck, even walking is a good start.