Kettlebell Renegade Row

The kettlebell renegade row is an extreme exercise, usually reserved for the expert level kettlebell enthusiasts. This particular kettlebell exercise requires excellent core strength, no weaknesses and a tough mentality as no matter what level of muscularity or fitness you are at, the kettlebell renegade row is a seriously difficult exercise.

Derived from a combination of the plank and the dumbbell row, the renegade kettlebell row, sometimes known as the commando row or the alternating kettlebell row, this kettlebell exercise is really a show piece of extreme strength and physical conditioning. Although the origin of this kettlebell exercise does owe a lot to the dumbbell row, do not confuse the purpose of the two. Whilst the Dumbbell row, using a bench to support your body weight is a raw mass building exercise in which most athletes will use weight straps so their back muscles can really support a lot of weight in which the wrist would struggle to hold, the Kettlebell renegade row is more of an isolation movement in essence. I say this because although the movement of the row is a core exercise and the holding of your body position requires multiple muscle groups to contract in unison, you have to treat this exercise as something to help shape your body and be done with strict form as if it was an isolation movement.

The basic set up of the Renegade Kettlebell row is to put yourself in the push-up position but holding kettlebells as oppose to having your hands palm down on the floor. Once in this position push down onto the Kettlebell with your left hand and pull (row) the Kettlebell in your right hand up towards your chest muscles, to do on the correct angle ensure your thumb is in line with your nipple. Once in this position, lower the kettlebell in your right hand down towards the floor and as you push this kettlebell into the floor, row the kettlebell up in your left arm.

The Kettlebell renegade row should be performed in a smooth and continuous manner and the movement described above should not be performed as single entities but as one movement. As with most things practice will make perfect and this movement will start to look very impressive when performed correctly. To make the Kettlebell renegade row easier, start off with your legs wider apart than you usually would for a push-up, or failing that start with your knees on the floor and with your upper body leant forward. In time your core strength will build to a level so you can perform this kettlebell exercise correctly and it will not be long before your kettlebell workouts are complete and include the very difficult renegade row.