Mind Training Your High Performance Brain

Do you ever suspect that you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of a high performance brain, but unfortunately it came without an owner’s manual?

You’re certainly not alone; most of us have the unshakable feeling that we are inherently capable of “much more” if only we could get our brains in gear! Folk wisdom has always alluded to how little of our brains we use, but until recent ground breaking scientific discoveries we had no way of really knowing.

The first neurologist to scientifically observe, “The brain indicates its powers are endless” was Australian Neurology Nobel Laureate Sir John Eccles. (Lecture: University of Colorado, July 31, 1974.)

Today Neuroscience has discovered more about the brain in the last decade than in all the years of previous human history combined, and the implications of the latest research are clear — the human brain is far more powerful, with the potential for immensely greater intelligence and higher achievement, than was ever before imagined.

British Pediatrics Professor, John Lorber, did autopsies on hydrocephalics, an illness that causes all but the 1/6th inch layer of brain tissue to be dissolved by acidic spinal fluid. He tested the IQ’s of patients before and during the disease and his findings showed that IQ remained constant up to death. Although over 90% of brain tissue was destroyed by the disease, it had no impact on what we consider to be normal intelligence.

Russian Neurosurgeon Alexandre Luria showed, by performing ablation experiments, that one third of our frontal lobes are dormant. His method was to give physiological and psychological tests prior to surgery, remove parts and whole frontal lobes, the re-test afterwards. His conclusion: removal of part or all of frontal lobes causes no major change in brain function, (however with some change in mood alteration). (Luria, A.R. “Frontal Lobes and the Regulation of Behavior.” Psychophysiology of the Frontal Lobes. 1973)

Finally, the human brain contains roughly 10 billion neurons, mostly in the outer layer of brain cortex. The function of these currently dominant brain-cells is fairly clear, but the brain also contains 120 billion glial cells. Aside from some secondary care and feeding of neurons, the primary function of the glia brain-cells is not clear. What miraculous discovery awaits mankind within these mysteries?

The wisdom of the persistent urban legend that says “we only use 10% our our brains, at best” has taken on an added dimension. John Eccles remarks on this saying he thinks that number is too high, after all “How can we calculate a percentage of infinity?”

The art and science of training our minds to tap into its greater potential is not new. Buddhism, for example, is an entire way of life based on the training of the mind. And in more modern times, mind training has become so widespead, that the same could be said for Olympic Athletes, or Professional Golfers, or Financial Market Traders, etc., where mind training is also an entire way of life.

However, given the inspiring advances in neuroscience, a vast shift in Mind Training has begun to happen, taking on new more personal dimensions and touching our lives in very direct and immediate ways. It is as though each new scientific discovery gives us our own personal key to unlocking our mind’s greater potential.

Personal mind training instruction abounds on every facet of personal development imaginable — health, wealth, happiness, relationships, physical fitness, income, sexual satisfaction, communication, just to name a few.

And sprinting in the lead is Professional Mind Training with its many diverse areas, such as:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Brain Hemisphere Syncronization
  • Bi-neural Stimulation
  • Autogenic Training
  • The Mozart Effect
  • Kinesiology
  • Brain Food
  • Neurolingistic Programming
  • Enriched Environment Neural Training
  • Biofeedback in all its numerous forms
  • Brainwave Entrainment in its many forms
  • and the list goes on and on!

Along with these types of technologically cutting edge mind training, ancient consciousness altering techniques are being retooled into such modern mind training modalities as Mind Altering Breathwork (Yoga), Vibrational Mind Medicine (Tibetan singing bowls), Sound Therapy (Mantras, Drum Beating, Chanting, etc). Even the more familiar, but still misunderstood, Self Hypnosis is experiencing a vast resurgance of popularity.

All of this is making mind training one of today’s most exciting and rapidly expanding fields. But the results it is generating in terms of ever and ever greater human achievements is even more astounding.

World sports records are now routinely being broken with each Olympic event. Sir Roger Bannister’s breaking of the 4 minute mile world record in 1954, a human threshold which was at the time believed to be impossible or at the very least ruinous to a runner’s health, is distant history now. Many runners have since beaten it and by the end of the century the one mile world record was 3:33.13 minutes. In a span of 93 years, 14 different athletes have been recognized as “the world’s fastest man” as world records fell one after another, but records fell lower after 1990 which is when coaching is acknowledged to have begun to include serious mind training.

Additionally, the more wide ranging records in the Guinness book of World Records are also now being broken with regularity. Even the book itself keeps breaking its own records, as the longest running best-selling copyrighted series of all-time!

Mind training has earned its stripes and as Victor Hugo said, “No army can withstand the power of an idea whose time has come.” Add to that John Eccles voice reminding us, “The brain indicates its powers are endless”, and the future of developing human potential — our personal greatness — has never looked more limitless!