Ovarian Pain after Pap Smear

A pap smear is a process that is used for detection of cervical cancer in the women. During this procedure the cells will be collected from the cervix and will be taken for the study of possible reasons for the same. Discriminating inflammation from a mixture of reasons is irregularly available.

A severe inflammation denotes the presence of the gonorrhea bacteria. It is a disease of sexual transmission that may lead to infections on the other parts of the body, infertility and also drive to complications.

Severe inflammation on the pap smear also means the presence of Chlamydia infection. It is a bacterium that may create further health problems if left without treatment like pelvic pain, eye infection, pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. Infections by the yeast are occasionally mentioned on the Pap smear that highlights severe inflammation. These kinds of infections may create swelling, itching and also pain.

Trichomoniasis occasionally poses itself as a severe inflammation on the Pap smear. It is created by the parasite and may also lead to the developed risk for HIV. Severe inflammation in some of the patients means bacterial vaginosis. This is the stage in which the usual balance of the bacteria is disturbed and may create discharge, pain and itching.

An unusual pap smear in women does not essentially mean that she is suffering with cervical cancer. Infections on the vagina and the diseases transmitted due to the sex particularly the human virus or HPV are accountable for the wide majority of the unusual pap smears. In the young women, this unusual Pap smear will go away on its own very frequently. If there is any unusual result, then it is better to consult a doctor for the further proceeding.

If the results of the pap smear indicate mild atypia, it means that the cells on the cervix have turned slightly unusual. This change may be mainly due to the disease transmitted through sex like gonorrhea, infection in vagina or Chlamydia.

Based on the reason for the change in the cells, treatment should be given for the infection in the vagina or for the disease transmitted through sex. In normal course, after the completion of the treatment, the doctors will be advising their patients to have a check up after 6 months to ensure that the infection is cured completely.

When the result of the pap smear test is HPV, it means that the squamous cells culture reveals the abnormalities. While the doctor may not know the reason for these abnormalities without the additional tests, the presence of these cells is mainly the symptom of the HPV presence. Many of these cases will turn to normal on their own and the doctor may recommend for one more Pap smear test after 6 months or may even suggest for the virus test to get rid completely of HPV. However, if the doctor feels that this abnormality is due to the pre-cancerous cells or the cervix that is at the soaring danger to turn as cervical cancer, then colposcopy will be recommended to visually inspect the cervix.

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