Panic Attacks Treatment – The NLP Way

Everybody in this world has encountered any sort of panic attack. It can be caused by anxiety, worry, depression, nervous, fear, phobia, pressure and so on negative emotions. This can occur at random or after a person is exposed to various events that may trigger a panic attack. Panic attacks are periods of severe anxiety that happens due to feelings of anticipated fear or terror. The attacks may last for a few minutes or in some cases, quite a few hours.

Here is the panic attacks treatment without medicine but in NLP way. NLP or is called Neuro Linguistic Porgraming is the study of human excellent by 2 genius named John Grinder & Richard Bandler. This is individually recognized as highly successful ways of changing peoples behaviors and perceptions and I’m sure you can imagine the amazing benefits of combining these powerful techniques, allowing you to quickly and easily change the thoughts and behaviours you currently have so you just find yourself changing in beneficial ways.

There are 5 steps involved for panic attacks treatment by using NLP method:

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 1: Keep yourself relax.

Close your eye feeling every part muscle of your body is in deep relax. You can be in this level by talk to yourself that: “my eye is relaxing… hand is relaxing…” Do it from head to toe.

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 2: Recognize the positive intention behind the negative feeling.

After you are in total relax level. Now we want to sue the NLP techniques called Disassociation. Mean you are “separated” from yourself (the one that facing the panic attacks) and treating him/her as another person. Then ask yourself (the negative me) this question: “What is the purpose of your existence? What you want from me?” Because in NLP, we believe every negative emotion bring positive intention. Then waiting some answers from within. Yes, a sound or may be a picture or just even a feeling. You’ll know what it means.

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 3: Appreciate to the negative emotion (panic).

After fully understand the intention of the existence of panic, appreciate it sincerely and ask “him” to leave, because it shows no help in achieving the intention behind. Just like in your job or business, when the strategy not work then should change another!

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 4: Choosing the right emotion to install.

After the “negative you” left, choose the right and positive emotion that can empower your behavior in the future, say, passion, energetic and etc.

Panic Attacks Treatment Step 5: Create a emotion link when the similar event happen again. This is the most important part of the steps. You have visualize a scenario that if the similar events happens, you can “see” yourself can deal with the situation without panic but the positive emotion instead. You have to repeat it 4-6 times until you feel it is “real” to you. Then recover.

If you still experience panic attacks more often than occasionally, I strongly suggest that you work with a nlp practitioner to resolve the cause of your anxiety. You owe it to yourself to be free of anxiety.