Ramdev Medicine For Depression

Almost every second person feels sad and lonely sometime in life and faces a moderate or mild depression. There are others who fall a prey to severe depression and their mental, physical and emotional state of body effects their personal well being and daily life chores. This emotional disorder leaves the person bereft and broken and makes him or her act in an erratic and irrational manner.

There are various factors that can trigger depression and these are like anxiety, stress, tensions, nutritional deficiency, tragic incidents and drug addiction. The person gets bogged down with sadness, wants to stay alone, feels dejected, exhausted, weak, tired, sleepless and irresistibly sad. Depression may also manifest itself, because of physical problems. Depression makes the person feel disinterest in all activities and suicidal tendencies may set in because of loneliness and dejection.

You can’t wait for the symptoms to pass away, you need to contact a professional who can help you deal positively with the symptoms of this mental disorder and help you live a contented life. Conventional treatments for depression involve prescribing sleep inducing drugs that are also effective in keeping the mind in a calm state. These drugs have side effects and it is uncomfortable to feel sleepy and drugged all the times. You can take the natural remedies that are made for depression by Baba Ramdev. The Yoga Guru has prepared herbal combinations that have shown to deal safely with depression. These therapies are created out of different parts of plants and herbs that have medicinal properties.

People who slog through their daily lives face enormous problems and tensions. Their brain generally starts to over think and a feeling of depression settles on their shoulders, if they are unable to find solutions to their problems. It takes time for a person to get out of a depressive state and it’s the guidance of a professional which can steer them out of their problematic state. A depressed and demoralized state, means living a sad life, full of inactivity and complexes. De-motivation and lack of confidence can be very troublesome for a depression patient. Depression may also be a result of nasty childhood experiences, substance abuse, physiological factors, stressful life, medicine effects, imbalanced diet, heredity reasons and psychological factors.

Ayurveda has found medicinal herbs that are very effective in treating depression. Ayurvedic therapies are side effect free treatments and the body weight does not fluctuate erratically with these medicines. These medicines are made from natural things that are free from the negative effects of hazardous chemicals. Baba Ramdev has herbal remedies that he includes in his package of depression.

Divya Medha Kvatha a herbal combination helps calm the brain and provides respite from grief. It normalizes the brain with its natural properties. Divya Moti Pisti is also excellent Baba Ramdev’s medicine for depression and helps person get rid of lonely and sad emotions. Divya Pravala Pisti increases blood supply and nutrition to the brain and helps one stay balanced in emotional upheavals and angry situations. Divya Godanti Bhasm acts as a brain tonic and helps increase brain concentration. Divya Medha Vati is also a therapeutic brain remedy that increases the oxygen supply to the brain and aids concentration of brain and memory.