Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval – Two Year Practitioner Training

The Course consists of the following; Year 1

Weekend 1. Shamanic Journeying

A shaman is a ‘Master of Ecstasy’ (Mercia Eliade). The word ecstasy comes from the Greek – ex-stasis – meaning outside the limited, narrow, trance-state we call ‘normal’ waking reality.

The classical shamanic journey is one of the most profound visionary methods of obtaining hidden knowledge and wisdom. It is a powerful way to facilitate self-transformation, and personal empowerment.

Participants on this course will learn advanced shamanic journeying techniques, and explore the cosmology of the shaman, known as the Upper , Lower , and Middle worlds.

Weekend 2. Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic perspective one of the two main causes of illness, is a loss of power (or life force), and the other an ‘intrusion’ of an invasive external force within our field of energy.

The recapitulation of life force is the body of work, which restores or recapitulates lost life force. Soul Retrieval is one of the most well-known and effective practices to this end.

To understand how recapitulation practices work, we need to look at the multidimensional nature of reality and move away from a linear sequential perspective. From this expanded perspective, ‘anything which has ever happened to anybody, anywhere; it is still happening somewhere’. If a traumatic event occurred for a person 10, 20 and so on years ago, for that person it is still happening, and in some way still influencing the person’s life.

Shamanism does not dwell on past events; there is only this vast awesome ever-moving great moment of now where there is no separate past, present, or future. It is possible for a practitioner to journey and move outside of linear time to go to the place where that energetic event is still occurring for that individual. Find and bring back that person’s life force which is held in that energetic event, and when this has been carried out, then the therapeutic healing of the event and it’s consequences can truly begin.

The loss of life-force is known as soul-loss, and this can take place when we suffer a trauma, have an accident, experience strong emotional exchanges with a loved one, separation from a partner, death of a loved one, go through a pervasive period of difficult circumstances. When we undergo a severe trauma typically a part of our vital nature goes away, so that we can survive what ever is happening to us. It is a way for the body and consciousness to survive severe trauma. Problems develop when the soul part or fragment does not return. It may not want to come back, or may not be able to return due to the nature of the trauma

There are a number of symptoms of soul-loss, for example, when people feel that they are observing life as an outsider, rather than engaging and being fully involved. Other common symptoms are when people feel that they are being ‘spaced’ out a lot of the time, not really here. Other symptoms that indicate possible soul loss are life-themes such as a pervasive fear, inability to trust people. I have also found that a severe depression can also be a symptom of soul loss. Chronic illness may also be a symptom of soul loss.

One of the differences between Soul Retrieval and some modern Western psychological systems is that Soul Retrieval focuses on the return and integration of the lost life-force, rather than focus on the original trauma itself. In my view Soul Retrieval and therapy work very well together, the best combination being first the recapitulation of the lost life-force, followed by a therapeutic approach to support the person through the process of working with released feelings and emotional energy which can be uncomfortable and even raw for the individual. This release and subsequent experiencing of the emotions is a fundamental part of the whole healing process, and I cannot stress this enough.

This healing process leads to what I call the union of the life force, when the person can then move forward in their life without being anchored to the past, and live a life of creativity and productivity.

Soul Retrieval will be a significant component of the Shamanic Healing course. Participants will be taught Soul Retrieval and in-depth techniques to help and support others.

Weekend 3. Shamanic Core Processing

Shamanic Core Processing is a method developed for practitioners to support people in obtaining a deep understanding into their life issues and problems, and to find ways to address and resolve them. It is a way to help people move into their own power, and discover untapped resources and deepen their connection to sources of spiritual nourishment.

Course participants will receive extensive training in this method, which is a bridge between traditional and modern methods of therapy

Weekend 4. Extraction Medicine

This body of work addresses illness as an ‘invasive external force’ within the human field of energy. (refer to Soul Retrieval section).

Participants will learn techniques to help them to ‘see’ or perceive external intrusions in a person’s field of energy, and to safely extract them. To boost the person’s own innate healing power to restore integrity and energy to the cleared area of the body.

Weekend 5. Death and Dying

The Shaman as Conductor of Souls From a shamanic perspective there is a thin veil between what we call life and death. Life is a continuum which does not end at the moment of death. One of the most important traditional tasks of the shaman is to assist people who are either dying or the spirits of those who have died, to make the transition into the places one goes after death. This is called psychopomp (conductor of souls) work.

Participants on the course will learn how to deal with the issues surrounding death and dying from the perspective of the shaman. On this course we will experience the regions where one goes after death, to help in completion of unfinished business, and to help a person make the transition of cross-over.

Residential Week

During the residential week, we will be intensively focusing on bringing the healing practices from the previous weekends into a cohesive and congurent body of work in which the participant will gain trust and confidence in this work.In addition;

Healing Mesa

We will be working with ways and means using natural objects to create and develop your healing ‘mesa’. The mesa which means in Spanish ‘table’ and ‘high place’ is created by traditional shamans to bring balance and harmony to their client. The mesa is a representation of the cosmos with both positive and negative aspects both coming together to bring balance. The mesa is a way of making sacred time and space in order to focus the entire being towards a desired outcome, in conjunction with spiritual powers. In a sense one could say it is three dimensional affirmation! By enactment of prayers and statements of intention in a state of high focus, one can influence the unfolding of ‘reality’.

Shamanic Trance Postures

The Trance Postures are a gateway to another reality, the reality that up to now is only experienced in myth and in the dreamworld. During this training programme participants will enter into that place of personal vision, and experience manifestations of some of the most ancient myths of both Western and non-Western traditions. These Trance Postures will enable you to participate in the sacred lifeways of the ancient shamans and sages.

Course participants will receive training in various Healing postures. These can be used for oneself and for others.

The Shaman’s Dreambody

This world is regarded by many indigenous peoples as not the ‘true world’, but rather a reflection, an image, a shadow of the true worlds – known as the Spirit Worlds. The teachings say that all we are (and everything else by extension) are fields of energy, and it is only our senses that give us the illusion of the physical world. If we understand that what we perceive as physical reality is but the description of our physical senses, then there is great potential to move beyond the description and into the sacred.

The programme will include significant work with altered states of awareness and perception. We will be working with techniques and practices such as gazing; ‘seeing without eyes’; stalking; walks of attention to help us to become awake to our innate potential of heightened states of awareness, and an insight into the ‘other’ to bridge from the everyday to the spirit world (in modern terms called the ‘unconscious’), and back again.

The Course consists of the following; Year 2

Weekend 1. Shamanic Divination

Shamanism is not a system of belief or faith, it is a system of experiential knowledge. Divination is one of the paths to gain direct experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge can be defined as that which is experienced first hand by the senses.

Divination is not ‘fortune telling’, it is a way to a deeper understanding of events and influences surrounding a situation or person. Divination has always been an integral part of shamanism. One of the most important roles of the shaman has been to seek revelatory knowledge from visionary sources, which may be for healing purposes, “why has this person become ill?”, “what medicine does this person need?

Divination is as old as humanity, but unfortunately in mainstream Western society it has been regarded as something primitive, irrational, and pandering to superstition. Divination is simply a way of revealing the truth. The diviner reveals or uncovers to their client hidden truths about themselves or the circumstances surrounding them. In societies outside the West, divining continues to play an important role revealing that which is hidden, easing anxiety, and helping in coming to terms with challenging circumstances that may demand the implementation of difficult decisions.

In divination, the role of the shaman is to act as a mediator or ‘middle-man’. The shaman, by exploring and providing the initial reading and interpretation, allows the seeker of this information to avoid projecting personal wants, desires, and wishes if the question or situation is emotionally charged.

Participants will learn and experience advanced divination techniques

Weekend 2. The Pre-Birth Journey

The Level of Energy of all beings depends on three fundamental factors;

  • The amount of energy with which they were conceived,
  • The manner in which the energy has been utilised since birth,
  • And the way in which it is being used at the present time.

There is a teaching that 80% of our energy is locked into habit, rigid patterns from generational & social conditioning and our personal history. The remaining 20% constitutes our true free will. The great teaching of the Medicine Wheel is to light a path to guide us towards release of these rigid habit patterns and addictions which, when unlocked, generates a reservoir of energy which can be used cognitively and with conscious intent. This is true free will and freedom – no longer living parental and cultural dreams but truly living our own.

The ultimate purpose of this body of practices is freedom. Freedom has powerful implications. Among these is that people must purposely seek and embrace change. It is no easy task to embrace change and thereby unlock the rigid structures which we have inherited, but we have innate magical qualities within ourselves to help us on the path to freedom.

Participants will learn and experience their individual pre-birth journey, and gain a deep understanding how this journey has shaped and formed their lives. Participants will also learn how to conduct a session with clients using these practices.

Weekend 3. The Pre-Birth Journey continued

We continue this advanced and detailed body of work focusing on practical applications.

Weekend 4. Plant Spirit Shamanism

It offers a significant challenge for the rational Western mind to come to terms with the plant spirit consciousness, and a leap of imagination is required to incorporate the ‘otherness’ of the plant. The magical world to which we are transported by plants is not accessible through the verbal rational mind but through dream language or an expansion of the imagination. Thus dreams and the power of our imagination act like doorways and connect us with the plant spirit consciousness.

In this weekend we explore the medicinal and spiritual qualities of plants from the Amazon,and our own isles.

Weekend 5. The Healing Power of Sound

We are aware of the power of the drum, and human voice to alter brain patterns, release neuro transmitters and induce relaxing meditative states of consciousness. The base principle is that of vibration and resonance. It is possible to work with sound to project a healing vibration to restore harmony and balance to our body and thereby promote health and well-being.

This weekend Frank Perry one of the leading practitioners working in the field of sound-healing to demonstrate and teach us methods of working with sound that we can incorporate into our healing practice.

The Residential Week

During the residential week, we will be intensively focusing on bringing the healing practices from the previous weekends into a cohesive and congruent body of work in which the participant will gain trust and confidence in this work.

Who Should attend?

This training course would benefit holistic practitioners who wish to develop and expand their work to include classic shamanic healing practices. It is also suitable for those who have a desire to work as a shamanic practitioner to help others.


There is a Certification of Proficiency programme for participants who wish to take this work further on completion of the training programme. Details available on application.