Sports Fundraisers: 3 Easy Ideas

When planning sports fundraisers, consider the audience you will have at the event. Athletic teenagers may be interested in participating in an archery event or weight lifting contest. Speak to a Gym teacher and see what help she/ he can provide in terms of helping you facilitate an event. Always be sure to let the building Principal know what you would like to do.

This type of fundraiser can also be done fairly easily without a lot of fancy sports equipment. A simple table and a pair of chairs can provide all you need for an arm wrestling contest. You can charge admission to a baseball game in the park with minimal outlay of cash as well.

Tip Number One is: Give kids a chance to excel and they will make your sports fundraisers a success

Sports fundraisers are made easier and more effective if you can get donated items from local businesses. Companies will often provide items to use at your event which you can then sell for a profit. Chain restaurants often offer gift certificates- you could ask for healthy choices in order to be in line with physical fitness. Often, local printers will donate screen printed jerseys with a team name on them. Ask a local or online printer about a run of scratch off style tickets, or maybe make some custom mouse pads on one of the many online print shops. Creativity and a reasonable price are the word of the day.

Tip Number Two is: Don’t be shy about asking for discounts and donations

The easiest sports fundraisers of all are those that are conducted online. With a bit of promotion in the form of fliers and emails, you can partner with an online company that will help you raise funds for your sports team. Top sites such as can help you set up a page with items of interest to be sold for a profit through the website. The rules are a little bit different from site to site, but some research in this area can make things easier down the road.

Other websites exist that can partner you directly with many online retailers. This is the easiest way to generate money for your sports fundraisers, because you effectively deal with one entity who takes care of the particulars on your behalf. If there were a way to put a fund raiser on autopilot, this kind of site would qualify. Although you could technically sell anything to raise funds with a site like this, you can also target it to your audience. One example would be selling music downloads for high school age students.

Tip Number Three is: Make it easy on yourself- go online

For more information about online partnerships, please see my sports fundraisers blog. You may also find my sports fundraisers site useful. My name is Jim McClinsey and writing helpful articles is my passion.