Step Aerobic Moves

Regular practice of aerobic exercise can help one to lose substantial weight. Aerobics also helps in increasing the fitness levels and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. For those who are in a hurry to lose weight, the right option is aerobic step movements and equipments.Diagnosis Aerobic exercises include jogging, skipping, fast walking, swimming, cycling, dance and step movements. Aerobic step movements are fast and they do not strain the muscles unlike in jogging. Any form of aerobics uses the lungs powerfully. Step aerobics involves both movements on a step and dance forms.

Aerobic dance is usually performed on the floor. For step aerobics arm gestures get combined with body and foot movements. This helps in moving the large muscles and increases burning of fat. An individual works out vertically and not horizontally in step aerobics. The person who is exercising places a step at a height of four to ten inches in front of him or her. The exercise is to step up and down in a rhythmic manner to the sound of music. Beginners start with a step at a height of four inches. With increase in one’s fitness, the step’s height is also increased gradually.

Step aerobics workout appears to be easy but it is highly strenuous. This helps to increase one’s fitness levels. As the hips and legs are continuously used to raise and lower the body, the excess fat in those parts shed quite fast. One must remember not to start exercising suddenly. Working out on a step bench needs proper warm up.

The height of the bench should be kept in mind. If the bench is too high or low, it causes stress to the body.Diagnosis Wearing bedroom slippers in place of running shoes is a strict no-no. One should always stop exercising the moment tiredness sets in. To make the stretch comfortable one should stand close to the step bench while exercising. Since the entire weight of the body is supported by the step bench, one should be careful while placing the foot on the bench.

Aerobic step movements can be easily performed at one’s home. The equipments are cheap compared to any other exercise machines. Busy people who do not have the time to visit a gym can always opt for aerobic step movement. It is the ideal work out for those who want to remain fit and yet want to exercise in their own homes.