Cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart diseases in the world. Millions of people suffer from it at varying levels. Cholesterol is actually found in all humans as it is taken as a part of our daily diet. But the problem with Cholesterol is that it has this dangerous capacity to collect in the valves of the heart and the major arteries. Their build up causes the constriction of the valves and blood vessels. The consequence of these is that the blood is not able to pump effectively and can potentially lead to heart attacks.

The most harm full form of Cholesterol is called LDL Cholesterol or low density lipo protein Cholesterol and this is responsible for a lot of the Cholesterol related issues. The need to find a sure and effective treatment to this problem is very important as it is a major killer. The F D A has come up with the solution of using the chemical called Sterol. The active ingredient in sterol is capable or reducing the build up of LDL Cholesterol quickly and efficiently.

The best answer to the ever prevalent question of reduction of Cholesterol has been answered in the of the drug sterolyn. This is the best treatment available now which contains in it as the active ingredient sterol. Hence the pill is one of the safest and surest ways to get rid of the harmful LDL Cholesterol.

There are various pills available in the market today that promise the reduction of Cholesterol but the fact is that there is only one product that is capable of doing the job with out any of the known side effects of prescription medicines. The active ingredients in Sterolyn contains beta sterols and these have been proven with the help of extensive clinical trials and tests that they are capable of reducing the LDL Cholesterol levels from 40% to about 60%. That is a very good success rate of reduction that has not been matched by any other medicine till date.

The other major advantages of this medicine are that they help in the build up of beneficial HDL or high density lipo protein. They are also known to reduce the amount of triglycerides in the blood that are a type of fatty substance again responsible for heart disease.

The food containing fibre sterols is essential in the reduction of Cholesterol. This medication has been approved by the FDA and this is proof enough to understand that sterols are a remedy to Cholesterol issues. The complete removal of the dangerous levels of Cholesterol can only be brought about by a mix of the medicine along with the change in the life style as well as the dietary habits. Cholesterol is found in good amounts in fish, meat, eggs and diary products and so by decreasing or controlling their in take it is possible to control their levels. But after a certain level is dietary restrictions alone cannot help the cause and hence the plan of using sterolyn along with a strict diet regime will surely show results.