Strep throat – How Long Does It Last?

Strep throat is considered to be the most common reaction of a sore throat and sometimes it improves by its own with any sort of treatment and antibiotics. Are you suffering from the strep throat, then you should visit the doctor to get a proper treatment for this? If doctor diagnosis the strep throat then he will definitely suggest you something to control your fever, pain, infection and to kill the bacteria. Read this article to know more about the strep throat and how long does strep throat last?


You will normally observe the symptoms of strep throat after several days after the exposure of the bacteria. A sore throat is the most common symptom of it. Apart from it, fever, stomach ache, headache, vomiting, and fatigue are other common symptoms of a sore throat.

Do antibiotics provide you relief from the strep throat?

Antibiotics are the best thing to reduce the duration and pain of the strep throat. The longer the time of strep throat will be the more infection will spread in your body. The reliving period after taking the antibiotics is 24 hours to 36. Apart from the antibiotics, doctors also recommend the throat lozenges, acetaminophen, and gargling with warm salt water to overcome the pain instantly.

How long does strep throat last?

If you like to take the antibiotics for the relief then it is good you will notice improvement quickly. One thing I want to know you that completes the full course of strep throat treatment don’t stop taking the medications after two or three times. This can be dangerous for your health and the chances are there that you will again face it after some days. So even though you feel good but, it’s important to complete the whole prescription cycle.

The symptoms of strep throat go away within 24 hours after starting the treatment but on the other hand, it may happen that this disease lasts longer for more than five days. If you are not taking any treatment for strep throat or not taking the medicine that has been prescribed by the doctor then the chances are there that you have to face the rheumatic fever.

In some cases, strep throat symptoms improve in 3-5 days regardless of the treatment that you prefer for it. The best thing about treating the strep throat with antibiotics is it reduces the complications risk. ; As compare to the adults the complications risk more in the children’s. According to one research, Strep throat normally goes within 3 to 7 days with or without treatment but doctors normally recommend you to treat it with the antibiotics even though you are not willing to take it.

To conclude, after starting the treatment, an individual is normally feeling better within 24 but one should complete the medication duration that is normally prescribed by the doctor to prevent the strep throat. You should rest at home in these days. Don’t go to work and school, drink water as much as you can, avoid ice and the things that can irritate your throat. Also, the best thing to do is gargling with warm salt water.