All About Banana Plants and their Hybrids

Bananas are the world’s favorite fruit and many nations depend on banana trees to supply its citizens with this delicious food product to save them from famines. Bananas are available on markets year round and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, containing only small hollow seed that are infertile. Ornamental bananas, ‘Musa ensete’ and ‘Musa nana’ are inedible but in high demand for landscaping.

India is the world’s largest producer of bananas and Alexander the Great found them growing there in 327 BC, when he conquered India. Soldiers of Alexander the Great returned to Greece and Persia with bulbs from banana plants, ‘Musa accuminata,’ where they were distributed and planted.

Antonius Musa, the personal physician of Augustus Caesar, imported the first banana trees, ‘Musa accuminata,’ to Rome from Africa in 63 BC. Later, slaves from Portugal brought bananas to Europe from Africa in the early 1400’s. Even though the banana is believed to have originated in India, (Eastern Asia), it was established in Africa and Europe as a staple food product many centuries ago and came into North America through Spanish missionaries.

Those first bananas that people knew in antiquity were not sweet like the bananas we know today, but were cooking bananas or plantain bananas with a starchy taste and composition. The bright yellow bananas that we know today were discovered as a mutation from the plantain banana by a Jamaican, Jean Francois Poujot, in the year 1836. He found this hybrid mutation growing in his banana tree plantation with a sweet flavor and a yellow color-instead of green or red, and not requiring cooking like the plantain banana. The rapid establishment of this new exotic fruit was welcomed worldwide, and it was massively grown for world markets.

Bananas are the world’s best selling fruit, outselling both apples and citrus; each American is estimated to eat 25 pounds of fruit every day. The ‘Cavendish’ banana is the most popular banana in the United States and over 400 cultivars of bananas are available on world markets. The leaves of banana trees are used as wrappers for steaming other foods inside, and the banana flower is also edible.

Each banana comes from a flower maturing into groups of 10-20 bananas called “hands” that circle the stalk, which collectively is called a ‘bunch.’ The bananas can require one year to mature after flowering in the field, and then the mother banana plant dies. The plant is restored the following season by offshoots from the mother plant. An original cluster of banana trees can grow continuously for 100 years, but are generally replaced in banana tree plantations after 25 years. Bananas ripen best and develop more sweetness, if the bunch is removed from the tree, allowing the fruit to ripen off the tree in a shady place to slowly ripen.

The banana tree can grow up to 30 feet tall, and the trunk of the tree grows to a width at the base of over 1 foot. The trunk of the banana …


Pomegranate Health Benefits

Back when we were living in The island of malta, we ate a lot of pomegranate. We actually had a tree in the back garden and truly are house was named after the pomegranate, Ta’ Rumina (in Maltese).

The pomegranate fruit is an old fresh fruit enveloped in much history and fantasy, especially in the Middle East. Pomegranate is important in Judaism custom, because it is believed to carry 613 seeds to symbolize the 613 commandments in the Torah. Romans imported their own pomegranates from Libya and the Chinese mention pomegranate as back as the Han and Sang dynasties. The Spanish conquistadors brought the pomegranate to South America, and missionaries took it to Ca.

Whilst I had been residing in Britain we would see them in the marketplaces, however they actually did not bring about a good deal of stir, in that case. More recently all that has altered in the western world. As of late it is successful, rising to the status of a ‘super food’, some thing they have constantly regarded in the East. It is considered the pomegranate originated in Iran and also India.

Pomegranate Health Benefits

The pomegranate features a leathery type skin, roughly the dimensions of a big apple, the juice is sweet and tart, is completely packed with seeds, each one is flanked by a translucent darkish pink juice sac. It has been documented its nutrients support to safeguard against heart disease, most cancers and many types of issues connected with aging. Filled with Eastern promise, it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamin c, niacin (B3), , folic acid, iron, fiber, and much more. Even green tea herb and also red wine, have less value, while pomegranate has 3 x the antioxidants.

It is thought that perhaps the reason this fresh fruit did not take off sooner in the western world, was the actual fact it’s a frustrating fresh fruit to ready. You need a little persistence, however it is fun, and worth the energy. It isn’t like grabbing an apple which you can eat when you are on the run. We’d have a superb time in Malta eating them directly off the tree. You need to cut off the top and the bottom and score down the challenging however slim skin with a knife, beneath is a bitter membrane layer (you never eat) housing countless small seeds surrounded in translucent dark red sacs of juice. This bitter, inedible membrane layer holds the seeds, open up the fresh fruit it will be in parts, invert the parts.

Since pomegranate’s ranking has jumped in the charts, much more folks are willing to prepare it. Pomegranate is a adaptable fruit, great in all sorts of salads, in your breakfast time etc. The fresh fruit is reddish, however it can also be uncovered with mainly a yellow-colored skin that has a patch or 2 of pink. Pomegranates can be saved in the refrigerator for approximately two months, or in a cool, darkish location for approximately a month. Today Ca …

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Why Join Sports Clubs?

Regular exercise is the perfect way to stay in shape and in the best of health. However, there are a number of questions that run though one’s mind before they decide on how to achieve this goal. For this reason, it is important that people should be more pro-active in this regard. So, the best thing for people who are unable to make up their mind or resolve to become healthier would be to join sports clubs. It would be apt since they would be among other enthusiasts who would certainly motivate them to strive and achieve their goal.

First Step

The best way to do away with a lazy attitude would be to join a club where one can engage in sports. Here, one wouldn’t be compelled to be at the gym since they would be in a position where they would be able to take up a number of sporting activities. The option of taking up group aerobics, sweating it out on the elliptical or engaging in some basket ball, it would help one get the requisite amount of exercise. Apart from that the environment would be supportive since each and every person at the club would be engaged in some activity or the other.

Inexpensive Option

Most people think twice before signing up for a gym membership since it is often quite expensive. However, when it comes to sports clubs they serve to be an inexpensive alternative where you would have more choices. This way, a person would be able to gain entry into the world of fitness at the same time they would be able to get more than just a complete body work out. It is because they would be able to meet other people who share the same concerns and this social aspect would help in the overall growth of an individual as well.

World of Options

The best thing about these clubs is the fact that there is a world of options that you can choose from. It means that one can take up basket ball, swimming, squash or soccer and even indoor wall climbing for that matter. Apart from that this would be an excellent idea for a beginner since this would be an excellent platform where one can learn about health care and exercise. This way, one would be able to chalk out an effective fitness plan that they can take up depending on their needs. There are several trainers and other experienced members would be able to guide one in the right direction.

Excellent Option

Regular exercise is an excellent option when it comes to improving one’s physique. According to research studies sweating it out at would help lower anxiety levels, depression and it can help build one’s confidence level as well. Apart from that one would be able to build their concentration as well as these exercises would help one focus on a particular activity. This in turn would help make one more efficient in their life as well. …


MBA In Healthcare Management

The courses in MBA In Healthcare Management are all classroom based. The students are taught these courses face to face so that they can help people understand the subject perfectly without any confusion. However, some classes are online based. When you have completed the course, you will receive certification.

Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare Management jobs will blend your knowledge of both health care and business together. In this way you will get the skills you need to manage a hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home. Students working toward completing training for this career field usually obtain a Master’s degree in Health Administration. It will be possible for you to work towards this degree both online and on campus. Moreover, your coursework will cover topics ranging from human resource management to managerial epidemiology as well as law and ethics.

One more popular health career is to become a pharmacy technician. You can complete this course in a one to two-year program. You will receive training so that once on the job you will be prepared to take prescription requests from customers utilizing appropriate customer service skills, then prepare the prescriptions and the corresponding labels, and check to make sure that prescriptions have been filled properly.

The graduate program of choice for registered nurses is that of Masters of Science in Nursing. It is meant for those students who want to become nurse managers or nurse administrators. MSN programs are made up of courses on management, organizational development, budgeting, and healthcare economics. If you take up an MSN course, you should have previously attained a nursing undergraduate degree or are usually practicing nurses in their discount landau scrubs.


Affordability: India has some of the lowest tuition fees in the country, and ICRI follows in this tradition. It is able to do this as it is able to offer the students with unprecedented value for an extraordinary education.

Experience: ICRI s the only institution in India school which is meant exclusively for the graduate level programs in health informatics and has been educating leaders in the field for a long time.

Faculty: Experienced as well as skilled faculty members are current leaders in the field. They are always available to help the students so that they are able to comprehend the concepts being covered.

Flexibility: ICRI allows you to have fully online program options apart from the regular degree programs. You can also get many programs on a part-time basis to fit your busy schedule.

Research: ICRI is situated near the world’s largest medical center. This is why it is able to provide unparalleled research opportunities during studies as well as after finishing degrees.…


Dermastir Allantoin & Cucumber Care Ampoules

What is Allantoin?
Allantoin has been widely used for decades in cosmetic and OTC topical formulations because it is so effective due to its moisturising properties. In cosmetic ampoules form the allantoin has increased activity on the epidermal cells.

What is cucumber?
Cucumber is a great folk medicine that was used to reduce heat and inflammation. This cool fruit is popular among women because it was normally used to help treat tired eyes. Cucumber has to be fresh to be active and that is the reason why ALTA CARE Laboratoires presents Dermastir Allantoin & Cucumber ampoules in cosmetic ampoules.

What is Allantoin used for?
The most popular applications are in the prevention of wrinkles around the eye and for the treatment of dry and chapped skin and lips. Allantoin is excellent to treat the dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles that appear around the eye contour.

What is cucumber used for?
Cucumber can be used for skin problems because of its diuretic, draining, cooling and cleansing properties. It is used in combination with the cucumber in the Dermastir cosmetic ampoules to reduce swelling and soothe the eyes.

Dermastir Allantoin and Cucumber cosmetic ampoules can be applied alone around the eye without the need of mixing it with anything else. Otherwise it may also be added to your eye cream to reduce eye bags or soothe the eyes. Since the Dermastir Allantoin and Cucumber is a concentrate it may be applied around the eye contour once every three days since the ingredients remain present in the eye contour for up to 3 days.



Stop Headache – Treatment Methods

Headache is defined as pain in the head that is located above the eyes or the ears, behind the head (occipital), or in the back of the upper neck. Headache is common problem in men and women.The main challenge to affording relief from various forms of “cephalgia,” or “head pain,” is categorizing a headache by type, and then proceeding with the therapy most likely to help. There are two types of headaches: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are not associated with (caused by) other diseases. The most common type of headache is a tension headache.Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache. As many as 90% of adults have tension headaches. Tension headaches are more common among women than men. Migraine headaches are the second most common type of primary headache. An estimated 28 million people in the US have migraine headaches. Migraine headaches affect children as well as adults. Before puberty, boys and girls are affected equally by migraine headaches, but after puberty more women than men have them. Migraine often goes undiagnosed or is misdiagnosed as tension or sinus headaches. Several areas of the head can hurt, including a network of nerves which extends over the scalp and certain nerves in the face, mouth, and throat. The meninges and the blood vessels do have pain perception. Headaches often result from traction to or irritation of the meninges and blood vessels. The muscles of the head may similarly be sensitive to pain.

Headache associated with specific symptoms may warrant urgent medical attention. Headaches are a common cause of suffering, but all headaches are not created equal. Migraine headaches are severe, recurrent headaches generally accompanied by other symptoms like visual disturbances or nausea. Cluster headaches occur daily over a period of weeks, sometimes months.Cluster headaches are the least common type of primary headaches, affecting about 0.4% of adult males in the United States and 0.08% of adult females. Cyclic vomiting also occurs in young kids and involves repeated episodes of vomiting. Some patients describe the pain as feeling like a hot poker in the eye. Tension headaches typically result from tightening of the muscles of the face, neck, and scalp as a result of emotional stress. Tension headaches are caused by stress, muscular tension, vascular dilation, postural changes, protracted coughing or sneezing, and fever. Sinus headaches cause pain in the front of your head and face.Sinus headaches are associated with a swelling of the membranes lining the sinuses (spaces adjacent to the nasal passages). They are due to inflammation in the sinus passages that lie behind the cheeks, nose, and eyes. The pain tends to be worse when you bend forward and when you first wake up in the morning. Postnasal drip, sore throat, and nasal discharge usually occur with these headaches. Headaches associated with fever, convulsions, or accompanied by confusion or loss of consciousness; headaches following a blow to the head, or associated with pain in the eye or ear; persistent headache in a person …


Exercise To Help Shrink Fibroids Naturally

Exercise is one of the essential strategies used in any plan used to shrink fibroids naturally. Here in this article I am going to share information on link between fibroids and exercise and the role exercise can play in fibroid cure.

Fibroids are benign tumors in the uterus. Statistically almost one in five women suffer from fibroid tumors in uterus. The size of these uterine tumors can range from something as small as a pea to that of a grapefruit. Some of the common symptoms of fibroids include

• Heavy menstrual flow
• Large clots
• Prolonged periods lasting for 7 days or more
• Spotting in-between periods
• Painful intercourse, with spotting to follow

Fibroids and Exercise

Regular exercise can help to provide relief from fibroid symptoms and prevent the growth of new uterine tumors. It forms an integral part of all natural fibroid cure plans. Exercise aims to ensure overall good health and well-being.

It is important that you select a form of exercise which you will be able to do for at least six months. There is no specific exercise regime that is the best to get rid of fibroid tumors in uterus. What is important is that whichever form you choose you should be able to stick to it at least for a few months. You must aim to exercise for at least 4 hours every week.

Engaging in any moderate form of exercise which will help sweat mildly while training is the most ideal form of exercise. Examples of such forms of exercise include brisk (power) walking, Pilates, yoga, aerobics and jogging. It is important that you always start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your exercise.

Many women with fibroid tumors in uterus are prone to worrying and suffer from mild depression. To handle mental stress and worry it would be worthwhile to find some form of exercise which you enjoy. Brisk walking early in the morning is one such favorite activity of many people. Other exercises which help ease mental stress include swimming and cycling.

Research has indicated that women who are physically active and are athletic are less prone to have fibroids as compared to less active women. Especially to shrink fibroids naturally exercise helps to reduce the estrogen level in the body. Exercise promotes blood circulation and assists the body to release its own pain-relieving, mood alleviating compounds, called endorphins. Moderate form of any exercise vastly improves the functioning of our cardiovascular system, keeps off excess body weight, lowers cholesterol and reduces high blood pressure.

Do you want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids permanently? Do you know of a proven fibroids treatment that will start giving you relief within a few weeks of use? Although this may seem impossible it is 100% true. If you are serious about getting rid of fibroids naturally, discover the excellent insider secrets by clicking – Uterine Fibroid Treatment…

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Gyms and Fitness Centers Market Research: Traditional gyms are getting the runaround from new low-cost rivals

After almost a decade of expansion, the Gyms and Fitness Centres industry is beginning to slow down. Driven by rising disposable income levels, increasing health-consciousness and concerns about appearance, gyms and health clubs have signed up over 8.7 million gym members across the United Kingdom; about 17% of the adult population. Over the five years to 2010-11, industry revenue is forecast to increase by 3.0% per annum to total £706.5 million in total. The industry is undergoing some consolidation as it matures, with major companies undertaking several mergers and acquisitions in recent years. The entry of new low-cost gyms such as Fitspace poses a threat to existing gyms, which already operate in a highly-competitive environment.

Britons are now more aware than ever before about the benefits of regular exercise, but this has not been reflected in higher attendances at the gym. Following several years of expansion from 2005-06 to 2008-09, growth of the Gyms and Fitness Centres industry began to slow as the recession caused a fall in discretionary spending on recreation. Gym-goers are looking for value from their memberships, with many trading down from premium health clubs to more basic and inexpensive fitness options. For some, this means switching to a cheaper plan or fitness club once membership renewal comes up; others cancel the gym membership altogether.

Growing tired of the same gym routine, consumers are also looking for alternative ways to get fit by taking up running; joining yoga and pilates studios; and attending personal training and boot camp sessions conducted outdoors. Boot camp programs have enjoyed strong popularity and growth over the last five years, with organisations such as British Military Fitness training up to 13,000 members in parks across the United Kingdom. Personal training services have also become a popular alternative to traditional gym workouts. The Gyms and Fitness Centres industry covers all revenue earned by gyms and health and fitness clubs, which includes personal training services offered through a gym but not the revenue earned by independent personal trainers. Consequently, gyms are losing some market share to these alternative recreation options. The range of services and memberships offered by the industry has increased over the past five years as operators have sought to carve out their own market niche. Competition within the industry is strong, and fitness clubs must establish a viable model and a clear market position in order to survive. Industry revenue is forecast to increase by 3.0% per annum over the five years to total £706.5 million in 2010-11.

Profits have fallen in the last two years, as weaker economic conditions forced gyms to discount their services in order to maintain membership numbers. There are also signs that gyms are losing their appeal, as a range of alternative fitness options emerge such as personal training and boot camps. Looking to the future, demand for gyms and health clubs will be underpinned by growing concerns about health amid rising levels of obesity in the population. Revenue is forecast to rise by an average …


The Advances In Eye Care Procedures

With the advance in science and technology there have been great advances in the many fields of medicine. One particular field in which there has been great progress is that of ophthalmology. The methods used in eye surgery have developed a lot and it is no more considered a major surgery. There are many well set up clinics where these surgeries are performed. They provide excellent services for eye care that are unobtrusive and very effective. As technology develops these services are further improved and the technique used now is even better than before and many of the drawbacks of the previous techniques have now been corrected like, glare, halos or poor night vision.

The Advantages Of Lasik

Tired of searching for your spectacles, constantly cleaning them or your contacts, every day? Then the best thing to do would be to find out more about good Lasik eye surgery and doctors some where near you. The many clinics that offer this treatment also provide excellent financial plans so that it will not prove to be very expensive. These options have made it more accessible to people and since these surgeries are very safe it is now becoming very popular. Once you have had the treatment you can rid yourself of all the hassles one has to go through while using contacts and glasses and even the expenses incurred on buying new lenses and glasses every time the readings change.

Tips To choose The Right Clinic

There are many clinics where this procedure can be done. But before you decide on the clinic make sure you are satisfied with the Lasik surgery doctor- his approach and experience and even the facilities provided at the clinic. The more such surgeries a doctor has performed, the more experienced he will be. He should be the one explaining things to you and you should be allowed to discuss all your doubts and worries with the doctor. For all pre and post-operative check-ups it will be better if the surgery attends to the patient in the same facility  It is also important that the rest of the staff is efficient and friendly too.Most importantly the technology used should be state of the art.

Why Is Lasik Becoming More Popular?

Lasik is no more an unusual procedure;more and more people all over the world are ready to undergo the procedure. The procedure is simple, quick and painless. The technology used too is very advanced so the results are more accurate. The surgery doctors are very experienced and have done extensive research on the technique. For the many people in the world who think that wearing glasses is a hassle, this treatment has come as a boon and hence it is now gaining popularity.…

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Influenza- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Influenza is commonly known as flu, it is an infectious disease of birds that can cause by RNA viruses. It is a contagious respiratory illness that is caused by influenza virus. Actually it is a viral infection that affects throat, nose, bronchi and in some cases it also affects lungs.

Influenza is a serious disease and every year about 5%-20% of United States population infected by this disease. Sometimes, more than 200,000 of people are hospitalized as they are having infection of influenza. The flu can be serious or even deadly for elderly people, newborn babies and people with certain chronic illnesses. The influenza even has its own season generally from November to April, with most cases occurring between late December and early March.

Symptoms of influenza

The infection is sometimes confused with common cold but its symptoms are more severe than typical sneezing. Infection of influenza lasts for about a week and sometimes more. It is characterized by sudden onset of high fever, muscle ache, feeling chills, body ache, headache, severe malaise, sore throat, rhinitis and non-productive cough. Dizziness and loss of appetite is another cause of influenza. Sometime vomiting, weakness and ear pain can prove associated symptom of influenza.


The flu virus travels in air droplets when any infected person sneezes. One can easily inhale these droplets and affected by disease. You can even pick up the germs by sharing things with the infected person such as telephone, towel, computer keyboard etc.


The main thing to keep away from flu is to get a yearly flu vaccine. Whenever you get the flu, your health care provider may prescribe medicine to help your body fight the infection and lessen symptoms. You can do some practical ways to prevent the spread of influenza. You should wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Don’t pick up the used tissues as this may lead to infection. Never share utensils and towels with infected person; infection may travel through this way. You should cover your nose and mouth at the time of sneezing as the inflectional bacteria travels in the air and can cause another person. …