Teeth Whitening Special Offer

Teeth Whitening

It’s now generally accepted that whitening should be part of our dental routine. Modern diets, but particuarly coffee and sugary foods impart an unsightly yellow stain on teeth. I’m certainly not going to be giving up sugary foods anytime soon and I doubt many people are! So teeth whitening is essential.

I’ve been professionally whitening teeth since the mid-1980’s, ‘at home’ whitening kits have come a long way in that time. Unfortunately for my business, some of these ‘at home’ kits have now become quite good. Many are still very bad, so watch out for these (surprizingly, you won’t see it in the sales blurb!). It is always best to use a product that has been recommended by your dentist.

Recommended Special Offer

If you have read any of my earlier articles, you will know that I’m passionate about a certain product. More details can be found -HERE- (don’t let the name put you off!).

I have seen so many horror stories, when whitening has gone wrong (In fact, that’s is why I started writing about it!). That’s why it is so important you choose the right product, searching in google will tell you NOTHING, you need to seek a professionals advice.

In both of my clinics, we recommend it to those of our clients who don’t want to pay the 4 figures for our service. It is the only product we recommend. Here is what we’ve found with the thousands of clients using this product:

Good Points:

  • Gives a smile to die for- turns teeth a very natural white
  • Very easy to apply at home
  • Extensive special offer

Bad Points:

  • Very cheesy website!

Teeth Whitening

*********************SPECIAL OFFER********************

The best thing about the product and this company is that they are currently giving away free whitening pens to promote the product. All of our clients are using the free pen offer. You can find it here: -SPECIAL OFFER-. This means you can see the results, and if you don’t like it (unlikely), then you never have to pay a thing!

*********************SPECIAL OFFER********************

Hopefully, by recommending this product, it’ll mean less people will come into my clinics crying because a dubious ‘at home’ kit means their teeth can now be seen from space.

Thanks for reading.