The Health Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil

Wild oregano oil is becoming increasingly known in the natural health market as a wonder oil that can treat all kinds of health problems. Many people turn to natural health supplements such as oregano oil in a society where conventional drugs that are too often given out fail to treat certain problems.

There are now a number of alternative health supplements that are completely natural and are able to alleviate a whole variety of health conditions. One of these is oregano oil. This herb is more powerful if it is the wild or organic variety. There are a huge range of health conditions that wild oregano oil can help to treat.

Oregano oil is really powerful as a natural antibiotic. Thanks to modern research into its properties, it has also now been named as an effective treatment for a whole variety of other health conditions.

This wonder oil can be used as an immune system booster; just a couple of drops of oregano oil a day can really help to strenghten the immune system. It can guard against food poisoning, especially as many of the bacteria found in foods can be resistant to antibiotics.

Oregano oil is also known for its antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties. It fights tooth and gum infections, plus it treats dandruff and athletes foot.

It is also very good for relieving painful bruises, sprains, tendonitis, cramps and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Inhaling oregano oil as a vapour also helps with hayfever and pet allergies. Many people apply the oil directly to skin to treat conditions, but a few drops can also be added to soaps and shampoos to treat parasites such as headlice.

The reason that wild oregano oil is such an effective overall health treatment is down to the four main types of chemicals that the oil contains.These are phenols (especially carvacol and thymol) which act as antiseptics and antioxidants and terpenes; which are antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

Oregano oil also contains long chain alcohols (linalool and bonreol), which boost the oil’s antiseptic and antiviral qualities; and finally esters, which are potent antifungal agents. These active ingredients give oregano a wide variety of useful health boosting properties. It really can be used in so many applications and situations.

People are only just beginning to realise the true potential of this miracle oil but once they do, wild oregano oil is set to become one of the leading natural health treatments of the 21st century.