The Secret of the Name of Paris

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Again we established a famous Plato’s Academy –
an elite University of the Ancient World!
This famous Academy was organized in the fourth century B.C. and lasted for one thousand years.
After sixth century, when The Academy was extinguished, the whole world collapsed into the chaos and darkness!
Wonderful, divine light from the Plato’s Academy again was shortly ignited in the city of Florence in the 15th century (M. Ficino, C. De’Medici…) and rapidly (again!) disappeared!
In the chaos of the Modern World we ignited a wonderful, divine light – we ignited an idea, ideology which can harmonize European and world nations!
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/A. D. 27/07/ 2007/

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The Cause of Cancer is Discovered!
The Proofs that DNA Method is Wrong!
The Secret of the Name of Paris
Finally, All Ancient Languages Are Reconstructed!
The Divine Origin of Mrs. Dr. Christine Amanpour-
chef CNN Correspondent!
A New Golden Doctorate Degree!

Three fundamental substances (two mathematical- Pi, Phi, and one logical – Ra, which is a substance of the Sun) absolutely determine history, civilizations and all human beings.
All ancient and modern languages and notions were done of these substances. For example: the name of ancient hero “Paris” and the name of the capital city of France is composed of two fundamental substances – “Pi” and “Ra”.
The City of Paris was established by Egyptian god “Ra”. Therefore, the City of Paris is full of light, full of beauty, full of mystery… Therefore, the kings of France were honoured as sons of Sun- Egyptian “Ra”.
All fundamental phonemes have an ancient Egyptian origin. What does mean the family name of Mrs. Dr. Christine Amanpour, chef CNN correspondent?! This name is composed of three fundamental phonemes-substances – “Ama(o)n”, “Pi” and “Ra”. The family of Amanpour’s is a direct descendent of two Egyptian gods- Aman (Amon) and “Ra”. Therefore, Mrs. Dr. Christine Amanpour is of the noblest aristocratic origin as Egyptian pharaohs!
The name of Europe is composed of “Ra” and “Pi”. A particle “Proton” is composed of these substances: “Pi”, “Ra” and “Ton”. A particle “Photon” is composed of “Phi” and “Ton”.

The Cause of Cancer is Discovered!

A mortal illness cancer is consequence of product of “Pi”, “Phi” and “Ra” , when in the great acceleration, substance of Sun – “Ra” destroys human organs. One of the best medicine to prevent and to recover of this mortal illness is a clay, which completely absorbs the dangerous energy. Instead to prevent and to recover cancer patient, the modern medicine with accelerators and radiations makes worse the state of illness, and, finally, the cancer patients are killed.

The Proofs that DNA Method is Wrong

The criterions of DNA Method are fictional, noncoherent and wrong. A material particle that investigates DNA Method is just a consequence of transcendental conscience- of soul. Fundamental substance “Ra” (cause and criterion of existence of human being) can not be a subject of DNA Method.
There are innumerable victims sentenced based on this wrong method.

Conditions to predict the future

These substances were mentioned by Plato as “absolute ideas”, by Iamblichus as “numbers”, and by Diodorus Siculus as “divine ideas”. It is amazing that this theory – law allows to predict the future of our civilization and the future of all human beings.
This great, amazing discovery is presented in the novels of Prof. Dr. Ivan Cvitanusic “The Secret Wisdom of Philosopher Plato” and “The Dance of Nymphs”. Also, these facts are described in university manual- handbook “Physics, Medicine, Metaphysics”
“The Secret Wisdom of Philosopher Plato” is proclaimed as one of the best novels of 20th century. “This novel”, the literary critics wrote, “is much better, more fascinating than novels of U. Eco and G. G. Marquez!”

The scientific article (15 pages)
The title:
The Magnificent discovery in the Linguistics, Philology and Science
The cancer: the cause of mortal illness cancer and the best medicine to prevent it.
Under this universal law is subjected the whole world and all human beings.
The Discovery of Professor Cvitanusic is equal to the discoveries of Copernic and Einstein in the Astronomy and Physics.
Even this Magnificent discovery is an Absolute science and the science of The Absolute which uncovers the structure of the matter and the structure of particles.
This Magnificent discovery uncovers the origin of all languages, the origin of all ancient and modern peoples and even exactly the origin of the world. This discovery perfectly uncovers whole Epistemology, Cosmology and Genesis.
Who is Jesus Christ?!
In this article it will be published for the first time in the whole human history.
Also (finally!), the Pharaonic and other ancient languages are perfectly reconstructed!
Now we are in Croatia.
We offer the exclusive right to publish this article.