Tips On How To Attract And Approach Women

Get The Women You’ve Always Wanted – Even If You’ve Never Dated Before

Have you ever seen an average looking guy with a gorgeous, hot looking lady and ever wondered how did he ever managed that? how did he do it?
Some people naturally think that it is because that guy has money, power or both and although that might be true in some cases, you would be surprised that some of those average guys are actually poor and have no money in the bank. Few men know that it is a matter of knowing what to do, what to say and how to approach a woman. This is not a matter of luck nor is it being in the right place and the right time. It is a matter of knowing what to do when the opportunities present themselves. How to flirt, seduce, romance and attract beautiful women is not about blind luck but it is something you learn. It is a skill just like any other that anyone can learn.

Understanding Women

Most man do not realize that the first thing you need to do is also the most basic. You must understand women. That in itself is the most basic of things and it is the most important of thing. Sounds simple but you would be surprised at how many men either don’t know that or simply skip this part and go straight to the cheap pick-up line. All women are not the same and do not like the same things. Every women is different just like men except that in this case you must first find out what the person you are interested in likes and dislikes before you do or say something that makes you look like an idiot. There are however some common things that most women do like in men. Kindness is an irresistible trait in a man for most women. “Kindness” doesn’t mean being weak or being a soft touch. The simple act of holding a door open for a person in a wheelchair witnessed by a woman can cause her to think very highly of you. It might sound a bit old fashioned, but women like a man to have good manners. If you just open a door for her to walk through in front of you might not seem like much but many women are impressed by that. You see, now a days most man don’t do any of that. Pulling her chair out before you sit down in a restaurant and holding her coat could cause a women to find you very appealing.

How To Attract Beautiful Women

This is one small yet simple example of what men sometimes do to attract beautiful women. This is just common sense, the best dating tips for shy guys include the phrase “attitude counts”. The kind of attitude we have affects literally every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s our work, social life, love life or health, our attitude plays a part in it all. When it comes to seducing a woman, attitude plays a much bigger role in how successful we become. A positive attitude is much more attractive then a negative attitude to the opposite sex, after all, who wants to go out with someone negative, someone who is always complaining about something, someone who never smiles or is always sad about something. After a little while, that person just drains your energy right out of you. Who wants to deal with people like that? Being positive and upbeat shows up in much more then your dating life, it also reflects the type of person you are and the quality of life you want to have. The bast majority of women are attracted to positive upbeat men. All others need not apply.

When To Approach Women

How to get a date? First you need to find the women to approach before you can ask them out on dates. First lets talk about what not to do. Do not attempt to ask women out at bars, nightclubs or at fitness clubs. The simple reason for this is simple and obvious. Women (especially the attractive ones) get hit on at these places by the truck load. If you attempt it you will find that women will reject you at a much higher rate then anywhere else simply because you are one of many. The ones that go to fitness clubs just go there to workout and not socialize, they get irritated when they are approached by a guy who is checking out her figure. Those women do not fall for the obvious “Can I ask you something? How do I use that machine? or How can I get my abs to look like yours?” questions. Do not treat women like they are so stupid that they will fall for stuff like that, you are not the first nor the last to try those old tactics on them. The best places to find women that are more approachable are at work, at church or through your friends. Join a volunteer group (most members are women). Do not ask them out as soon as you meet them. Get to know the women you meet before you ask them out. Find out their interests, their hobbies, their personalities and their likes and dislikes before you even attempt to ask them out. Once you do, do not ask them to go to the usual, movies and dinner. A movie is ridiculous, why would you want to waste 2 hours watching something else instead of talking and getting to know each other. Dinner is too formal, your first date should be informal like lunch or fun like bowling or golf.

Dating is not science and you do not need a degree in human relations but you do need a little bit of common sense and a little bit of change in your attitude and knowledge. Dating is fun and should not be stressful or over thinking on your part. Use these few common sense lessons to achieve your goals.