Treadmill Running Workout Program – Thirty Minute Interval Workout For Runners and Walkers

Treadmill Running Workout Program

If you use a treadmill as part of your exercise regimen, is boredom setting in? Don’t let it happen! Change your workouts to jump start your progress. Here’s an energetic 30 minute interval program that will get you going in the right direction…

Treadmill Workout Programs: Variety Is Key

The most common concern from people who use treadmills is the boredom factor. Actually it’s a vicious cycle. First, people get bored because they do the same workout over and over. Then, their fitness progress stalls because they are not putting in the effort.

The best way to maintain a positive attitude and increase your fitness level is to vary your workouts. Too many people fail to recognize this. You should change your treadmill program every two weeks so your body is constantly challenged.

Here’s an enjoyable, energetic treadmill workout program that is ideal for both runners and walkers. The concept here is to use the incline feature without changing speeds. There is ample warm up and cool down time included. Here we go… Treadmill Running Workout Program

Minutes 0-5: This is your warm up. Your incline should be at 1%. Pick a pace you normally use for a warm up, either as a runner or a walker and depending on whether you want to walk or run this program.

Minutes 5-10: You are now sufficiently warmed up and ready to work. Take the incline to 2%. Increase your speed by 1 mph. Do a quick talk test, which means test how easily you can talk. It should take moderate effort to string together a few sentences. If your talking is free and easy, increase your speed.

From minutes 10 to 26, we will be alternating the incline up and down while maintaining the same speed. You will work two minutes at an incline, and two minutes with the incline at 2%. Follow along and you will see what we mean… Treadmill Running Workout Program

Minutes 10-12: Remember, the speed stays the same for minutes 10 to 26, the entire 16 minutes. Take the incline to 4% here.

Minutes 12-14: Incline goes back to 2%.

Minutes 14-16: Increase the incline to 5%.

Minutes 16-18: Incline goes back to 2%.

Minutes 18-20: Increase the incline to 6%.

Minutes 20-22: Back to 2%.

Minutes 22-24: Increase the incline to 7%. Your hardest work!

Minutes 24-26: Take the incline back to 2%.

Minutes 26-30: Cool down at a 1% incline. Reduce speed back to warm up pace.

We find the whole key to this program is between minutes five and ten. That five minute section sets up the whole workout, so make sure you’re walking or running at a challenging enough pace that pushes you but doesn’t leave you breathless.

Of course, you can adjust the incline percentages according to your fitness level. See if you can increase all the inclines by 1% after you’ve done this workout once or twice.

The key is to keep both your mind and body challenged. This workout keeps you on your toes and your brain engaged. Try it for yourself! Treadmill Running Workout Program