Trends and Treatments in Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Traditional or general dentistry gives detail to focus on overall oral hygiene. It concentrates on diagnosing root causes of oral diseases before deciding the method or treatment to be selected.

Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne primary focuses towards bringing improvement in the appearance, looks of an individual’s teeth and mouth for a picture perfect smile. In short, we can conclude that cosmetic dentistry is a desired service opted by almost every individuals. Corrective benefit services are also part of this particular branch.

The main reason behind including dental filling in the cosmetic category is that it offers a choice for individuals to make a selection of the material to be used for filling. Popular materials used in the recent days include gold, amalgam, porcelain and many more are there on the list. Advancement in the fields of technology introduced new dimensions which made dental service durable as well, predictable in comparison to past years. 

Popular practices in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry treatment:

Inlays/ Onlays:

It’s a form of indirect filling which makes use of porcelain or other similar composite materials for a durable plus cosmic way of treating tooth decay with filling. Dental fillings are made in the clinic of the dentist and placed inside the tooth. Inlays/Onlays are prepared in dedicated laboratories. Dentist places it on the tooth with a particular adhesive for bonding.

Whitening of Teeth:

One of the highly recognizable treatment offered by the cosmetic dentist is teeth whitening. Patients with poor hygiene, chain-smoking habit, bad food habit, a habit of too much intake of tea, coffee or alcohol, suffer from stained teeth. Teeth whitening process will help in bringing back the old shine and enhance the look of an individual.  

Composite Bonding:  

Use of dental composite material is for treating broken, chipped, rotten and discoloured teeth. This process is medically known as composite bonding. The material gets placed on the tooth surface and then its given shape by the dentist under high-intensity light for hardening the base of equipment. 

A makeover of smile: 

The dentist conducts a unique assessment process for checking the smile aesthetics of an individual to make the smile better and impressive. Application of multiple processes is made here for one or more than one tooth. It’s a combined process of dental veneers, gingival sculpting, dental implants, and also teeth whitening. 

Reconstruction of full mouth: 

The problems come into notice when someone visits a dentist for a smile makeover. Many of us do have functional problems in bone structure and jaw muscles. Technically superior quality materials are now available in the market which is used to offer you strong and natural looking full mouth reconstruction services.

You can find several clinics for the cosmetic dentistry Melbourne, but only a few of them managed to create reputation for superior quality service and customer care. 

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