Types Of Tiger Balm – White and Red

Tiger balm the world’s most famous balm of its kind is known for its quality and variety. Quality comes first and next comes variety. What can one say and how can one express the unmatched performance of the balm. Tiger balm has got a variety of medicines at store and to offer. One among them is the tiger balm white. Tiger balm white is the opposite function of the tiger balm red.

Tiger balm white is very much effective for small and petty issues like joint aches and headaches. It can be also used in the case of heavy cough, cold and even when suffering from fever. On the other hand, this tiger balm white cures swelling found in the body. When applied, this tiger balm white offers a cooling kind of effect in the skin immediately which in turn eradicates the pain and offers complete freedom.  Irritations which are found in the body can be cured by this tiger balm white. The composition of the tiger balm white contains eucalyptus oil, camphor, clove oil, dementholised mint oil and menthol.

This product can be very well used by ladies and children because they will not harm the tender skins unlike the tiger balm red which is very hot in nature. Within seconds one will be able to identify the difference in their health. Comfortness is strictly guaranteed and executed. Above all pain relieving is the most important aspect of the tiger balm white. This is tested and proved for years together.