Understanding Yeast Infection Symptoms – Don't Fall Victim to Chronic Yeast Infections

Are you worried you might have a yeast infection? This article will show you how you can recognise yeast infection symptoms and what you can expect. Arming yourself with information is the first step you need to take towards your recovery.

The problem occurs when Candida, a form of yeast, grows out of control resulting in an infection. There are many factors contributing to this overgrowth but the most common cause is a weak immune system.

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Here are some common yeast infection symptoms in women:

  1. A white or yellow discharge that has a slight smell of yeast, the discharge is thick and resembles cottage cheese.
  2. Vaginal itching, this can become very persistent and can be very disturbing
  3. Irritation of the vagina resulting in redness of the vulva and vagina
  4. Pain during sexual intercourse
  5. A burning sensation when urinating.

Many women complain with having regular occurrences of vaginal infections and these symptoms return almost regularly right after menstruation. For many women these infections are a nightmarish experience to go through.

Here are some common yeast infection symptoms in men:

  1. A white discharge
  2. Itching
  3. Burning
  4. Redness of the foreskin
  5. Red sores on the penis head

The most likely cause for men to acquire a Candida infection is through unprotected sex with an infected female partner.

Here are some common yeast infection symptoms of the mouth the third most frequent Candida infection:

  1. Whittish spots inside the cheeks of the mouth, the tongue and throat
  2. Difficulty in swallowing
  3. Burning sensation in the mouth and throat

Candida infections can be treated through standard medication which includes creams, tablets and suppositories. Even though many of the treatments are available over the counter it is advisable to seek a proper medical diagnosis as oftentimes these symptoms can be a reason for other underlying health problems in which case you would require a different treatment.

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