Urine Colors Indicates How Normal You Might Be

Urine is mainly made up of water and other dissolve waste and toxin materials that come from the things you drink and eat. It is very common to also have bits of dead cells that your body is discarding through your urine, naturally. Normally urine should be a light yellow color. There is a good chance you health could be at risk if your urine color is not normal, which is highly important to understand. Certain urine colors should prompt you to be cautious about your health.

It’s very common for people to have a clear urine if they drink a lot of coffee or beer. There is no cause for alarm if this is the color of your urine, especially if you were out drinking or a heavy coffee drinker.

There’s cause for concern if your urine is reddish or pink. A reddish tint could very well be the result of internal bleeding. It’s important to see a doctor if this is the color of your urine because it could be you are suffering from a bladder infection, small bladder stones, or kidney stones. There are times where the urine turns reddish due to a bladder or kidney injury.

You could experience green urine if you are on medications. If you are not on any type of medication the cause could be a result of a urinary tract infection or bile problems. There are time you could experience green urine if you have a variety of B vitamins in your system.

You may have a serious problem with your liver if your urine is brown. The people that have brown urine are usually have a liver condition, or suffering from melanoma cancer, copper poisoning, or hepatitis. There’s no need to panic if you have taken a laxative or ate fava beans because they will turn your urine brown for a short as well.

Yellow urine is usually a result of not drinking enough fluids. Other than yellow urine, you can feel bloated or swollen, which is the sign of being dehydrated and you need to begin drinking some fluids.