Using Magnets In Medicine Is Not A New Idea

The use of magnets in medicine is not something new. In fact magnets have been used for thousands of years, and many people are not aware of this fact. They think magnet therapy is some new-fangled alternative medicine. Skeptics argue there is no scientific proof they can be effective for the control of pain which is not true. Controlled studies at university medical facilities have shown that the correct placement of specially designed magnets over the area where the pain is occurring does relieve the pain for many people. That is why thousands of athletes use magnets and don’t worry about what others think. It is hard to argue with results.

So exactly how do the magnets work to relieve pain? There are detailed scientific explanations that use words like “c-fiber nerves” and “unmyelinated nerves” to explain the conduction of pain along nerve routes in the body. But in layman’s terms the magnets work by blocking the sodium, potassium and calcium from accumulating and causing the nerve pressure and pain. When using magnets in medicine, the magnets are attached to the skin right over the area where the pain is felt.

If you think this concept sounds a bit far fetched, then consider this: the electronic resonance imaging machine (MRI) uses a magnetic field to obtain pictures of body tissue in great detail. Athletes know that magnetic therapy accelerates bone healing which is another reason why many athletes are sold on the use of magnets as alternative medicine. Athletes like to avoid taking drugs whenever possible so the use of magnets can provide much needed pain relief in a safe and healthy manner.

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems people experience. Upper or lower back pain can be debilitating. Some people have intense and short episodes of pain while others live with a dull chronic pain. Back pain affects the quality of life in that it can force people to restrict their activities and living with constant pain is extremely stressful.

The use of magnets in medicine in medicine offers alternative pain management without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. The magnets can relieve pain by interrupting the flow of natural body elements that stimulate the nerves and increase blood flow to the pain area. It is well documented that healing can be speeded up by increasing blood flow, because blood carries oxygen. That is one reason why magnetic therapy is used to heal the bones of athletes that have been broken or fractured.

It should be mentioned that magnets are used to block pain in many other areas of the body besides the back. The magnets can relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, elbows, knees and feet. The comprehensive use of magnets in medicine offers pain relief to many people who have decided they will never find relief from pain.

Magnetic therapy has a lot of advantages over traditional methods of pain control. When looking at the use of magnets in medicine, it is easy to see that as a pain management alternative magnetic therapy is safe and worry free. There are no drugs involved and the therapy is non-invasive. You can purchase the magnets without a prescription and they are economical and long lasting.

If you are looking for relief from chronic pain then magnetic therapy may hold the answer. The use of magnets in medicine is a growing field of study which offers much promise for pain sufferers. You can use magnets that create a steep field gradient over the pain area and feel the reduction of pain within a few minutes sometimes. It just does not make any sense to continue suffering when an effective alternative is available.