Vapor Cigarettes As Way of COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a health condition that is primarily caused by cigarette smoking. A person with COPD suffers from shortness of breath due to the narrowing of airways along the lungs or within the respiratory system. This health condition is irreversible and only gets worse over time. Its symptoms are generally similar to having asthma attacks but this health situation is worse because it can no longer be treated. However, it can be prevented by avoiding cigarette smoking or if you already have it, you can cope with it by using cigarette substitutes such as vapor cigarettes.

COPD is a combination of two chronic respiratory diseases. One of which is chronic bronchitis or a condition which resulted from inhaling toxic gases and substances emitted from a burning cigarette that leads to the obstruction of larger air passages in the body. While cigarette smoking is doing this to your pulmonary system, it also inflames alveoli or lung tissues resulting to emphysema, which is another irreversible respiratory disease.

If a person would not quit smoking or at least use alternatives such as best e cigarette, he will continue to experience difficulty in breathing or even get acute attacks due to continued inhaling of pollutants and toxic chemicals. To determine the degree of damage in a person’s respiratory system, the volume of air inhaled by the patient would be measured including the speed of air that enters and exits from his air passages. When a person has COPD, he will be immediately advised to quit smoking but since smoking is a habit that can be so difficult to stop, the patient would be advised to do it gradually through the use of vapor cigarettes. This will also help him to minimize the effects of withdrawal syndrome and the symptoms associated with it.

You will know that a person has COPD because he would be required to attach a large oxygen pack around his waist as part of his oxygen therapy. This therapy normally takes a long time. They would also be required to take with them an oxygen bottle or even oxygen in a cart to allow them to breathe easier.

As mentioned earlier, a person who developed COPD would have to live with it because it has no cure. However, its fast development can be managed and its symptoms can be lessened in order to keep the patient’s normal way of life. To achieve this, a patient would be asked to quit smoking or avoid inhaling cigarette smoke. He may also be vaccinated or prescribed with inhalers to control the symptoms and make dealing with this disease more manageable for him. Also, for those who cannot quit smoking, they are advised to use vapor cigarettes as a substitute to best e cigarette. This method not only gradually reduces and eventually eliminates the person’s cravings for cigarettes, vapor cigarettes also feeds the patient’s addiction to hold and inhale actual cigarettes which nicotine patch, gums and other cigarette substitutes fail to provide.