Vibration Machine Training Versus Traditional Resistance Training

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As a part of our on going quest to attain a healthy and fit body, we all should look at the vibration machine. Americans, British, Australians and Canadians all are attracted to this equipment. This equipment has traversed the concept of beauty, health therapy, physical education and body building. Doctors, therapists, gymnasiums, chiropractors and physical trainer have valued the results which are impressive, impelling them to use in their respective areas. The machine helps in toning the muscles and in blood circulation keeping the body fit and energetic.

These machines cane be used for both commercial and home use. It is a revolutionary machine designed for professional athletes looking for the extra edge and even helps senior citizens in seeking a better quality of life through exercise. Vibration machine can be used, regardless of physical or neurological condition. You can use it for athletic enhancement of sports performance, as part of a health, fitness and beauty routine or weight loss or muscle rehabilitation also. However, there are a growing number of people using the vibration platforms for different purposes like a toned body, increasing muscle strength, flexibility, stamina, fitness and well being.

Lets take a look at the few points that lead us to compare the traditional resistance training(TRT) methods and vibration machine training(VBT)

  • TRT provide resistance on a single linear axis whereas the vibration platform’s resistance effects occur on multiple axes.

  • TRT focuses on stimulating a particular area but VBT stimulates the entire body of fibres within a given muscle group.

  • TRT requires more time to work muscle groups completely wheres as VBT requires less.

  • Traditional resistance training when compared with vibration training is said to be less stimulating superior muscle-activation.

To sum up, Vibration training requires only 1/3 of the amount of time required for traditional training. Your muscles contract and get released 35 times per second, while sustaining the resistance equal to over 3.9 times the user’s body weight. The vibrations get evenly distributed throughout the body. The purpose of which is to simply accelerate and magnify a reflexive involuntary contraction which is not achieved in traditional work- outs.