Walking 10,000 Steps a Day — How to Ensure You Know Its Meaning

Ensuring that you know what it means to walk (or walk and run) 10K/steps/day comes down to three sentences.


Most people tend to take about 2,000 steps to walk a mile. So 10K steps/day equals five miles traveled daily. Most people tend to burn about 100 Calories per mile walked. So 10K steps/day leads to 500 Calories burned daily. And burning an extra 3,500 Calories weekly is necessary to losing a pound a week. So taking an extra 10K steps/day can lead to weight loss of one pound per week.


Improving your health sometimes mean INCREASES, while you are awake, while you are asleep, or throughout your day. For example, taking 10K steps/day can improve your circulation — a 24-hours-a-day effect. It can improve your sleep quality. And it can thereby improve your mental acuity when you are awake.

Improving your health sometimes mean DECREASES, too. For example, taking 10K steps/day can decrease your stress. It can help you to drop the percentage level for your body fat (usually a good thing!). It can sometimes lead to decreased blood pressure. It can cut your risk of heart attack. And it can lower your risk of dementia.

Put all these health benefits together — both the increases and the decreases — and you should be happier, too.


Think about your various relationships. If you are mentally sharper, better rested, and energized, then you can improve your relationships with fellow employees and your boss. If you are not distracted by aches and pains, then you can improve your relationships with friends. And, if you are calmer, then you can improve your relationships with loved ones. All of these benefits can come from walking 10K steps/day.

So how can you make sure that you remember the benefits of a 10K-steps/day program? Remember these three sentences: Do the math. Improve your health and happiness. Improve your relationships.