We Have Someone Who Cares and Helps Mom Daily

When my mom came home one night and told me that she had been to the doctor earlier in the day and have been told that she had Alzheimer’s, I was grateful that she had not been told that she had cancer. I knew that cancer was horrible. However, what I didn’t know is that what she has is also horrible. We are now living in a world with her where Florida home health care is a must along with changing the way that we interact with mom and keeping her safe. We will do anything to make sure that the latter stays true. We don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have the ability to have care workers come here to the house. They have been nothing short of a miracle.

Mom told us long ago that she hoped to never be stuck in a nursing home. She hoped that she would be healthy enough until the end of life to stay at home. Oh, she said she didn’t want us to be her caretakers, but mom is in a mindspace right now that she does need a full time caretaker. My husband and I are willing to do that, but the problem is that we have three children and we cannot stop our jobs so that we can take care of mom only. And taking care of her is a 24/7 job with what she has.

We talked to a lot of people and they told us that getting aides to come here to the house would be our best bet. Insurance pays for it. There’s a really kind lady who comes every morning, and we tell her how mom’s day went. We then leave for work as normal, and the health aide takes over and helps mom all day.