What Atarax complications may occur?

While the assorted Atarax complications can’t be anticipated, if any occur or increase in intensity you should notify your physician immediately. Only your health practitioner can identify if you should still take this anxiety medication regardless of the Atarax complications.

The most common Atarax side effect is fatigue and anxiety hyperventilation which is generally brief and may vanish within a few days or when the dose is reduced. Other side effects that may occur include dry mouth, twitches, shocks and convulsions. The last 2 complications typically happen when Atarax is given at a higher then advocated dose.

Atarax side effects: When should this drug not be prescribed?

This anxiety medication should not be taken during pregnancy or if you’re allergic to it or if you have ever had a sensitivity to this drug or a corresponding medicine. You should generally ensure that your physician knows any complications to this medicine.

Atarax complications and special warnings :

Atarax is known to increase the results of any drugs that depress the central nervous system. If you now take drugs, non-narcotic analgesics or barbiturates together with this anxiety medicine, their dose should doubtless be reduced. As formerly discussed, one of the main Atarax complications is its potential for fatigue. You shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery or do anything else that may require an increased level of alertness till you are totally sure of how you will react to this medicine.

Potential food and drug interactions:

In addition to the previously mentioned Atarax side effects, this medication is known to increase the results of alcohol. You need to possibly elude alcoholic beverages when taking this anxiety medication. Also, if that is taken in addition to certain other drugs the effects could be increased, decreased or altered in some other way. It is particularly crucial to check with your physician when mixing Atarax with the following :


Barbiturates like Seconal and Phenobarbital

Narcotics such as Demerol and Percocet

Non-narcotic drugs like Motrin and Tylenol

While the previously discussed concerns are not all-inclusive, you should generally take care when you notice any Atarax complications.
Information changed from The PDR Family Guide Guide to Prescription Drugs.