What Does The General Dentist Do?

Dentists stopped being tooth pullers long ago. With all the different advances today in dentistry, there are many new facets of the field. Cosmetic dentistry is something that did not exist a few years ago. You may be confused between the cosmetic dentist and a general dentist. Let’s take a look at what a general dentist does.

The general dentist deals with what it sounds like. He deals with general issues regarding your teeth. This is the oral professional that deals with most of the problems. They have training and specialize in the techniques to ensure proper oral hygiene. They clean your teeth and repair them and helped intervene to prevent dental loss and potential gum damage. For many people this is the only kind of dentist they will ever see.

As opposed to the cosmetic dentist whose primary focus is to do the things that make your teeth look perfect and great, your general dentist is focusing on making sure that you have great chops to eat your food with and that you don’t get periodontal disease.

One of the biggest things a dentist deals with is cavities. With tooth decay, the general dentist is the one that will remove the bad tissue, take away the damaged enamel, clean the area, and then fill it with either metal or porcelain.

The dentist or general dentist will also deal with things like root canals. If you have an inflamed nerve or potential decay that is not repairable, the general dentist is the one that will remove that nerve and then ultimately the tooth if necessary.

Your general dentists does other tooth repair like handling a loose filling or reshaping a broken tooth.

And, don’t forget the regular checkups. Your dentist is the one that you visit to get your teeth cleaned and polished, and also the one that takes the x-rays to make sure that the overall health of your teeth and your gums are the way they should be. You may remember getting fluoride treatments when you were younger.

Finding a great and general dentist is a process that can take some time and referrals typically are what you’re looking for. Find a dentist that has a great rapport and wanted you so comfortable with. If you are looking for other than regular dentistry, your dentist may actually be able to perform the procedure, as there are much more cross over in industry these days. For things like porcelain veneers, lumineers, or bleaching, you may need to seek the expertise of the cosmetic dentist. In another article, we will be discussing what the cosmetic dentist specializes in.