What is Bowen Therapy?

More often than not, the most effective and least invasive medicine known techniques are ones that do nothing more than allow the human body to engage in its own capacity for self healing. The body is miraculous machine, and is capable of withstanding an incredible amount of trauma, but that trauma often takes its toll in ways that aren’t immediately apparent. Sometimes, the best method for coping with this kind of stress is to allow our nervous system to have the time and rest that it needs to be able to right itself on its own.

The general principle behind Bowen Therapy is that it helps to encourage the body to go into a state of healing, rather than remaining in the state of readiness. This is accomplished through mild stimulation and relaxation techniques. Unlike other, similar types of alternative therapy, but when therapy does not require a large amount of physical contact between the practitioner and the patient. Unlike acupuncture, and other similar treatments that are based in Oriental tradition, Bowen Therapy requires very little equipment to be carried out effectively. The result is immediate and long lasting pain relief.

Bowen Therapy operates on the idea that our nervous system manifests stress and anxiety in the form of pain, which the body can experience a number of ways. Whenever the nervous system goes into a state of rest, it becomes more capable of processing and dealing with external stimuli that  might otherwise cause it to overload. Often by using only their thumbs, practitioners of Bowen Therapy apply gentle pressure to strategic points in the connective tissue of the body. These points may be located on the back, face, or hands of the patient depending on the type of symptoms that are experiencing. If you’re already familiar with Chinese medicine, you might notice that some of these points coincide quite closely with important sites for acupuncture healing.

The philosophical principle behind stimulating key flow points of the body’s natural energy cycle in order to relax it, and return it to a state of peaceful well-being is something that Bowen Therapy shares with acupuncture, and other traditional treatments. The difference is the way in which the two methods go about stimulating the body. Bowen Therapy requires no needles, and as such is probably a better choice for someone who is perhaps a bit squeamish. A light touch is usually applied to strategic pressure points one at a time, between which the physician will usually take a brief leave of absence and leave the patient  alone and quiet, relaxing environment.

By doing this, the therapist allows the patient to fully experience the release of pressure that has just taken place, and the rush of emotion and energy is likely to take place immediately afterward. This feeling is the sensation that goes along with the body returning to a state of balance, and beginning its own natural healing process. Many of undergone the treatment aftermarket how amazing the release of pent-up frustration and anxiety can actually feel, and a lot of people that have been experiencing chronic stress-related pains for months, or even years, are finally able to attain a quieter, more peaceful existence.