Who is the World's Best Eye Surgeon?

Doctors are more often known as ‘life givers’. Their profession teaches them the art of saving a patient’s life, and giving their health a new dimension. Truly, the work of a doctor can only be best described as a noble profession. Most of us do not really understand the worth of a good doctor until the time when we are on the look-out for one, and come across horrendous experiences that our friends and colleagues have gone through. We are ready to spend any amount of our resources in the quest for the right kind of doctor, and are even ready to travel to any part of the world to avail their services.

Doctors and their ethical practices can make or break our lives forever. When going through sensitive surgeries like heart by-pass surgery, hip replacement surgery, cataract eye surgery, et al, the doctor in question is very crucial. Whether or not he takes his patients’ as human beings or just another commodity for the purpose of money-minting is always a doubtful scenario. Most doctors do not consider their duties to be of an obligatory nature especially because the nobility in the profession no longer exists. Till a while ago, medical profession was considered just after godliness. Doctors were known to sacrifice personal leisure time and family obligations in order to devote time to their patients. Emergencies sure came unannounced even then and doctors merely had to be contacted at no-matter-what-time of the day, and they would try and be there for their patients.

There were many charitable trusts run around various locations in almost all countries by Doctors where the doctors would come and devote at least two days in a week for their patients. These charitable trusts were primarily for those people who could not afford the basic fees of a doctor. Hence, doctors charged them subsidized fees for basic treatment. But for other patients who were below the poverty line, doctors happily served them and treated them free of cost. These were doctors who believed in being compassionate and of an empathetic nature. One such example of a renowned and ethical doctor whose fame and glory knows no bounds is Dr. Michael Duplessie.

Dr. Michael Duplessie is an expert ophthalmologist, who received his degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. He is the founder of The Cataract & Laser Eye Institute, which was founded under his expertise and guidance in the year 1998. This institute is famous all over the world for its high standards and quality of ophthalmological care, and is a leading full-service eye centre in the Washington DC area.

He is rightly called the World’s Best Eye Surgeon, and his credentials all go out to support this fact. He has been recommended again and again by some of the top physicians in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Dr. Duplessie has performed thousands of procedures and has undergone laser eye surgery himself. The surgeries undertaken by him and his fervent team are surgery for cataracts, complicated cataract surgery, laser eye treatment, glaucoma surgeries, et al. Dr. Duplessie is one of the only surgeons with world class amenities who offers a Test Community, and as a proud member of this community, he provides charitable eye care services and surgeries in the area of Washington DC.

With so many feathers up his cap and humanitarianism in his disposition, Dr. Michael Duplessie sure is the World’s Best Eye Surgeon.