Why Massage is Improtant?

Sydney Mobile Therapies prides itself with offering many options to help keep the personal energies as well as corporate energies focused on the task at hand. A seated massage of 5 to 15 min. per person can do a world of good for general relaxation, release of muscle tension and energy renewal. Massage brings better circulation to the area affected by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. Increased circulation helps to clear lactic acid from the area which reduces stiff muscles and pain in joints.

Some of the most common reasons people turn to massage therapy are:

Back pain

Arthritis and or tendinitis or other inflammatory conditions

Migraines and other headaches

Carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries

Surgical or other rehabilitation

Massage is shown to enhance immune functions in some individuals

Circulatory and respiratory problems

Reduction of hormone levels such as cortisol

And stress relief and stress-related conditions are of the most concern of corporate clients

A Standard 5-15 minute massage or a VIP Corporate Massage that extends the time to 15 to 30 min. per person can provide a quiet and relaxed background for a brainstorming session. Spending too much time at the computer causes some of the most debilitating muscle, vision, and tension issues experienced by workers today. Showing employees that their employers recognize and are willing to aid in their health by providing these massage sessions for their long-standing well-being is a great benefit to all concerned.

Care is taken to make sure the most natural, hypoallergenic massage oils possible are used. Some clients may have heightened sensitivity in their skin and should discuss any concerns with the therapist prior to the beginning of the session. If there is any discomfort, rash, or redness, alternative methods will be used to prevent any reoccurrence of discomfort.

Although our therapists at Sydney Mobile Therapies pride themselves in being professionally trained in the newest procedures to aid in the most situations possible, not all situations are aided by massage. Generally those people who have infectious skin diseases should not engage in massage therapies for obvious reasons. Many rashes can be aggravated by massage oils and should be avoided. Open wounds, recent surgical sites or areas affected by chemotherapy or radiation treatments should not be treated with massage therapy.

Other times that massage may not be appropriate would be over bruises, wounds that have not completely healed, inflamed skin areas, abdominal hernias or places where bones have been fractured. When people are taking blood thinners such as daily aspirin therapy, Warfarin, or other thinning mechanisms, massage therapy can be damaging to blood vessels and should be avoided. Osteoporosis, osteoneurocrosis or other weakened bone diseases or disorders can be complicated by the use of massage therapies. Any concerns can be discussed with a physician to avoid any unintended side effects.

Our accredited massage therapists have ATMS provider numbers. Being accredited and maintaining a level of professionalism at all times is extremely important to our association as well as providing help rather than any harm to any client at any time.